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Meet Doc Rudman

I am "Doc" Rudman and I have owned my own family medical practice for over 17 years in Navarre. I am also a husband, father, business owner, and God-fearing American.


Recent events in my life and the world have me greatly concerned for our future. In the last year, I have fought against the mask mandates, cancel culture activists, and the media. I won against all three. The assault on liberty and freedom has motivated me to campaign for the Florida House of Representatives and become a champion for Governor DeSantis’s Florida Free agenda. You want a fighter like me, a doctor who will not back down, to protect your freedoms.


The freedom to worship as you choose without having the doors of your church padlocked for fear of being a super spreader event, to exercise your full and unfettered Second Amendment rights, for your children to attend school without being forced to wear a mask, to fight against killing the unborn, to run your business without fear of government mandated lockdowns, and the freedom to make your own medical choices without fear of losing your livelihood. 


Freedom and liberty are in critical condition in this country.  Florida needs a doctor in the House.

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